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Here we will have our discussion on Federal Government Pakistan Revised Pay Scale 2024-24 BPS.  You should note that all of the Federal government employees grade scales have been revised and here from this page, you can get and receive exact and all accurate information. So according to this revision, if you are on the scale of BPS 05 then your minimum salary amount will be Rs. 10260 and your maximum income amount will be Rs. 25260.

It is declared by the Federal government  that these BS-05 officers will get Rs 500 increment amount. If someone is working on the scale of BPS 07 then that officer will get Rs. 10990 as his minimum salary and his maximum salary range will reach to figures of Rs. 29290.

Revised Pay Scale 2024 In Pakistan

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We will share more of the stats regarding revised pay scale BPS of Federal government of Pakistan with our readers. One should too be noting down that if you are on BPS-16 Pay Scale then Rs. 18910 – Rs. 64510 is your current one as well as revised basic salary amount.

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It is too officially announced by this Federal government that these BS-07 scale officers will get Rs 610 increment amount. For those officers who are on BPS 09 scale, it has been notified by this government of Pakistan that their minimum income will be Rs. 11770 and moreover, their maximum basic salary range will be upto Rs. 33670.

If you are appointed on the grade scale of BPS 14 and you wants to know that how much revision is made in your basic pay then note that Rs. 15180 – Rs. 50280 is now your average salary amount. More updates about this Revised Pay Scale 2019-20 BPS Of Federal Government Of Pakistan are written below.

This the current and at the same time latest revision which is made for this grade scale category. If any of the federal government employee is on BPS-17 Pay Scale then his official basic salary range will be Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370. Rs 2300 has been their finalized increment range and amount.

For these BPS 20 Pay Scale officers, you need to note down this important revision that their basic pay has reached to the average stats of Rs. 69090 – Rs. 132230. And for these grade scale officers as well, their increment amount is now Rs 4510 explained Revised Pay Scale 2019-20 BPS Of Federal Government Of Pakistan.

Talking about the revision which is made for BPS 21 Pay Scale category, Rs. 76720 – Rs. 146720 is their minimum and maximum income amount from now onwards. If readers wants to get more informative stats on revised pay scale 2018 then they have to remain in touch with us. If some more small or big revisions will made in the pay scales of Federal government employees, we will update you as well.

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