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Revision Of Management Position Scales 2019

Here is the updated information on these Revision Of Management Position Scales 2019.We will talk about the MP-I, MP-II, MP-III scale position salaries. Their salaries are now officially revised, even their house rent allowance has been changed and revised. Let us jump on to the details. This MP-I officer, Rs 263000- Rs 324000 has now come out to be their minimum and monthly basic pays. Their increment value has reached up to the numbers of Rs 2000. Rs 101000 – Rs 142000 is their average house rent accommodation allowance amount. And Rs 13100 – Rs 16200 is their utilities allowance amount. Moving to the next grade scale job position, we have MP-II position. Their current minimum and maximum basic pay has come out as Rs 110000 – Rs 16500. And then Rs 66000 – Rs 110000 is their current and revised one house rent amount. The finance division of Pakistan has made these revisions. And at the same time, under this scale of MP-II, these officers will get Rs 5500 – Rs 8800 utilities perk allowance.

Revision Of Management Position Scales 2019

This is all updated information regarding the Revision Of Management Position Scales 2019. In the last, we have MP-III scale officers and the latest revision in their basic pay, house rent and utilities allowances are done as well.

MP Scale Salary Pakistan

So now we have seen that Rs 77000- Rs 11000 is the average range and numbers of their minimum and maximum basic pay. The revised house rent perk which will be handed over to MP-III officers, it is now Rs 33000 – 44000.

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In the category of their utilities allowances, the revision is too done and this time these officers will get Rs 3850-Rs 5500 utilities allowance on a per month basis.

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