Small Industries Development Board KPK Salary

These small industries development board KPK salary pass through almost yearly revision phase. We have seen that every single government department and body of KPK, they give competitive pays and many perks, allowances to their human resource. In this industries development board, we are going to share with you the per month pay information about the post of junior clerk and note that the scale of this job title is BS-11, Rs 23836 is their finalized pay. Gradual increment policies are made in these basic pay scale posts.

Small Industries Development Board KPK Salary

This small industries development board KPK salary includes the section of basic pay, allowances, gratuity fund and provident fund. This BS-11 scale is given to the person and he can be chosen for this post if he can operate office machines like that of photocopiers and scanners, and also facsimile machines, voice mail systems.

Small Industries Development Board KPK Salary

These junior clerks have to answer telephones and direct calls. They update filing and inventory. They record and maintain mailing,database systems. These clerks do bookkeeping, process banking transactions, execute sales, process financial transactions, collect deposits, mail bills. Their salary is finalized and too revised by keeping in mind the number of functions they perform. As on the post of a junior clerk, you should know how to communicate with clients, employees to answer questions, take orders, and how to address complaints.

It is on these functions that junior clerks are given the above mentioned basic salary amount. So to grab and collect more details on small industries development board KPK salary, stay tuned and we will keep you timely, regularly informed. Let us see when this small industries development board working in the zone of KPK will revise their employee salaries. If they will be given a great budget, then we will see a big increase in the pays of these government employees.

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