Transport Sub Inspector Salary In Pakistan

Transport Sub Inspector Salary in Pakistan basic starting pay is 42014 to 120400.In this post we will discuss specifications regarding transport sub inspector salary in Pakistan, job description, required qualification, experience, designation scale and so on.

Transport sub inspector deals with the groundbreaking elucidation to the enlargement of work artifact allied with designing of infrastructure, constructional procedure, maneuvers and the maintenance of highway organization. In simple words we can say all activities from designing to maintenance are comes under this post. Now it’s time to have a look at the duties or responsibilities of transport sub inspector.

Responsibilities of transport sub inspector

  • Inspection of constructional area, appraise whether the contractual material and machines are appropriate or not according to the standers.
  • Inspection of constructional area, whether all supplied material being used or not
  • Standardized assessment of constructional procedure.
  • Assist to project manager or engineer to give reviews about construction.
  • Making records of material in detail.
  • Check daily quantity of material and finance.
  • Allocating finance for material and making documentations of pay items.
  • Making daily report of used material and done work to avoid malfunctions.
  • Provide his or her assistance in municipal arrangement area inspection like road, water mines, and sewers.

Transport sub inspector prerequisite  

Required certification

  • SHA/ TOD
  • WECS
  • DOT
  • GDOT
  • ACI

Transport Sub Inspector Salary In Pakistan

Required education

  • For the transport sub inspector should have relevant degree in association and high school degree in
  • Construction
  • Construction management
  • Surveying
  • Constructional engineering technology
  • Engineering technology
  • Civil engineer
  • Engineering
  • Science

Required talents for the transport sub inspector

  • Inspection
  • Constructional inspection
  • Ability to read at advance level
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work with team
  • Knowledge and expertise in equipment of highway construction
  • Talent to explain the plan and design to other members
  • Having knowledge about best material
  • Having about latest method that are being use in construction
  • Having keen information about the constructional site
  • Required experience for transport sub inspector
  • For the transport sub inspector post five year experience in ground is required.
  • 3 years’ experience is required in mechanical services
  • Demonstration mechanical experience
  • Knowledge of heavy machinery
  • Team work experience

Transport sub inspector salary and scale

The basic pay scale for the transport sub inspector is 14 BSP. According to this scale the basic starting pay is 42014 to 120400. Other than those allowances such as DA 13,158, House Rent Allowance 18,449, and Travel Allowance 4824, yearly allowance are also offered for this post. The salary figure could be more than this due to the work conditions.

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