21 Grade Officer Salary In Pakistan 2023, Benefits

Are you looking for the info about 21 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2023, Benefits? If yes then here are these official details for you. We have collected recent and valid figures for you. You can check out them from this post. If any of the reader wants to know about minimum and maximum basic pay stats of these 21 grade officers then here are the valid facts for you.

The minimum salary of these 21 grade officers, it is Rs 76720 and the maximum salary and maximum basic pay of these 21 grade official posts, it is rs 146720. And their increment amount is Rs 5000. All of the readers have to understand that these basic salaries are not constant.

It is on the budget arrival basis that these salaries get change and revised and these increments are revised. Now we have told you the minimum and maximum basic salary detail of these 21 grade officers, we have told you about their increment range. This is the most latest update which we have shared with all of our readers regarding this grade scale basic salary information. Check out more details on 21 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2023 from below written details.

21 Grade Officer Salary In Pakistan 2023, Benefits

If looking for the rough information about 21 grade officer benefits in Pakistan 2023, then here are some facts for you. Note that these 21 grade officers, they get medical allowance, and they are given fuel perk and entertainment allowance. Then these officers are given paid leave allowance, their gratuity funds and provident funds are many in number. It is the main policy of the governmental zone of Pakistan that all of their retired employees gets pension. So when these 21 grade officers will reach to retirement phase, they will be all entitled to pension schemes. All in all, one can well visualize that many benefits are given to these 21 grade scale officers. And even rest of the grade scale officers are given same incentives.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


This is all of the updated information regarding this specified category of 21 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2023. If you will be regularly in touch and get connected with us, then more of the updates completely linked with this salary area will be given to you.

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You can now keep in mind that this is the minimum salary and this one is the maximum salary figure which is given to these 21 grade officers. Note that if government of Pakistan will make any change in other grade scale posts salaries, we will let and update you. In coming up months, budget 2023 will come and then further revisions will be made from the governmental side and department of Pakistan. So wait for those updates and stats and stay connected with us.

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