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ASF Corporal Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

ASF stands for the airport security force. The main duty of this force is to protect the area of the air port and provide the facilities to the staff and to the passengers and covers all the area of the airport and responsible for all the enforcing the rules and the regulations and prevent the actions that are illegal and the activities of terrorism in the airport and responsible for the full proof security to the airport and to the airplane.

Expected as 20,000 Plus

The airport security force has issue the new job vacancies under the force for the corporals to hire the services for the security of the airport.

These jobs are for both male and females. Both have equal chances to be appointed on the job of corporal in the force of airport security force. Pakistan airport security force appoints the applicants on the scale of BPS -05 at the initial stage of the services and has the 30 stages for the promotion in the entire service of the corporal in the force.

Revised Pay Scale 2022


ASF Corporal Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

The basic qualifications for the corporals in the force of the airport security are metric or the degree that is equal to the degree of the metric. All the vaccines are further divided into the divisions and to the provinces. For the male and females the physical test is very important and has to pass out.

ASF Corporal

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There are some criteria for the applicants. For the male the height is 5 to 6 is essential chest size is 32 to 34 and for the women 5.2 is required. Beside the monthly package of the salary the allowances and the incentive are given to the employees of the air security force of Pakistan. Like medical allowances, family allowances annual increment, special allowances are given to the employees of the air security force of the Pakistan in terms of their services.

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  1. Very nice information 😊kindly explain what are the duties of a corporal in Asf thank u waiting for your reply

    • good but plz tell me iam Msc zoology and apply in caropral because iam from sialkot and the vaacnt position in carporal is most for female not in inspector the whats benefit is chances of permotion carporal to next whose have high qualification

  2. MA -Sha -Allah
    I want to Join ASF
    ASF it’s my favorite department
    But I am confused , I pass fsc in 2020 First part of fsc I got 367/520 and then part 2 promote due to COVID-19
    CAN I apply for ASI? please reply me fast because remaining just 2 days

  3. Also give me advice that is iam apply on other post then please tell me in which

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