Pakistan Navy Doctors Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

We have seen that this post of Doctors in the department of Pakistan navy, this post is related to civilians. So far no scale or rank is given to this post of Doctor because this post and grade scale is designed for the civilians. In the department of Pakistan navy, one can find many opportunities in this medical doctors department. Here at this page, individuals can have information about Pakistan Navy Doctors Salary Pay Scale and their Rank Allowances. It is as civilian that you can get appointed on this post of Pakistan Navy Doctors. It is known for the Pakistan Navy Doctors Salary in identification

Civilian posts in Pakista navy department

Apart from this post of doctors, you can have the joining in Naval Stores Organization. Civilians can apply in their Naval Armament Supply Organization. Other civilian individuals, they can work in their Mechanical Divisions and departments. You can appoint yourself in their Electrical Division and department. Then for civilians, we have Construction Division for them linked with Pakistan air force. You can give your services in their Drawing department and Design Department.

Pakistan Navy Doctors Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

Pakistan Navy Doctors job prospects

If you are a doctor then you can also serve and give your services in this defense institution of Pakistan. Being a doctor, you can work in their PN Laboratories. You can work in their medical Personnela and medical Administration Department. They can be allotted in the Fumigation department and in the Pest Control Department. Post of Medical Officers and medical Specialists are also opened for these doctors of Pakistan navy department.

Pak Navy Salary

Other jobs at the ministerial department and industrial department

This Pakistan navy consist of other departments as well for their civilian staff and they are Ministerial department, Store House area, Laboratory department, Scientific area, Inspection and Instructional department, Drawing area, civilians can give their services in these areas too. Then being a civilian, you can serve in their Printing Press or in their department of Transport. Civilians can work and contribute in their Boat Crew or in their Boat Pool. They can work for PN Civil Police or in their department of Fire Brigade. You as a civilian can give your services and contributions in the department of Medical and Sanitary, you can affiliate yourself with their department of Teaching or with their Industrial areas.

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