Pakistan Police Inspector Salary Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

If readers are looking for details and information regarding this Pakistan Police Inspector Salary Basic Pay Scale and their Allowances then here they can get correct piece of information. This post of Police Inspector is also called and titled as Station House Officer. It has grade scale of BPS-16. In Pakistan, officers who are on duty on this job post of Police Inspector, their minimum basic salary and income range is Rs. 18910.

These officers have maximum basic pay Rs. 64510. These get increment of amount Rs 1520. These figures are of 2017. They are in updated and revised form. These basis pay scales and these updated allowances are in current working and operations since the time of July 1st, 2017. Here, province by province information about Police Inspector pay scales will be given to the readers.

First of all, we will talk about this province of Punjab. These Police Inspector BPS-16 officers have their minimum basic salary Rs. 18910, maximum basic pay and income is Rs. 64510. These get increment of about Rs 1520.

Then moving on this Sindh province, officers on this subjected post of Police Inspector BPS-16, they receive their minimum basic salary having the amount of Rs. 18910, their maximum basic pay and salary is Rs. 64510. Their increment range is Rs 1520.

Pakistan Police Inspector Salary Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Pakistan Police Inspector BPS-16 pay scales and salaries provincial wise

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  • Talking about the salaries of KPK Police Inspector BPS-16 officers, their minimum basic salary and wage is Rs. 18910, they get their maximum basic pay having the amount and worth of Rs. 64510. Their increment is finalized on the amount of Rs 1520.
  • For the officers Police Inspector BPS-16 who belong to the province of Balohistan, their minimum basic salary has the amount and actual figure of Rs. 18910, their maximum basic pay figure is Rs. 64510. Their increment figure is of Rs 1520.
  • In the last, we have the salaries and basic income figures of officers Police Inspector BPS-16 belonging to Federal area. Their minimum basic salary has the exact figure of Rs. 18910 and their maximum basic pay has the stat and figure of Rs. 64510. Their increment figure reaches to Rs 1520.

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Pakistan Police Inspector BS-16 allowances

Ad-hoc allowance, house rent, special allowance and daily allowance is given to these officers. With regard to the criteria of daily allowance, if they have to go to out of station, they they can stay in government guest houses, rest houses or in hotels and motels, they can stay in hotels but minus five star hotels. On the basis of their stations, they get daily allowance for theirselves.

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Details on Inspector police salary In Pakistan are here. Fot the information, the post of inspector which is linked to the police department of Pakistan, their grade scale is BS-11 and their minimum salary is about Rs 12570 and then their maximum salary is about Rs 38970. Talking about the increment figure of these inspector officers, it is Rs 880. This is the estimated salary of this inspector officers, the revision in their salaries are made on the per year and annual basis. They get increment on the yearly basis and bonuses are offered to them. When 2023 budget will come, then these police inspector officers, they will again see an increase in their minimum and maximum salaries and pays. Below we have more data for you on this inspector police salary area, check out the data and the further categories of this job post and Sindh Police Pay Scale Constable :

Inspector Police Salary In Pakistan

Here are some details to know the best way out for following details.

Salary of sub inspector In Punjab Police Pakistan

As we have told you the salary figures of this post of inspector, and now you will know about the details of Salary of sub inspector In Punjab Police Pakistan. These sub inspectors belong to the grade scale of BS-14 and their minimum salary range reaches to the amount of Rs 15180. The maximum salary and pay given to the sub inspectors of Punjab police, it is Rs 50280 and their increment amount is Rs 1170. It is for the Punjab province police officers that this salary figure is allotted to them. The revision made in their pays, it is done on the annual basis. Like as soon budget 2023 will be released and issued, then the sub inspector salaries will be increased at the same time.

Sub Inspector Salary In Pakistan 2023

Moving to the category of Sub Inspector Salary In Pakistan 2023, here is the information. No matter you work as a sub inspector in Punjab province or in the province of Sindh. If you are serving as SI officer in province of KPK or in Balochistan province, then same pays will be given to you. It is according to the current facts and estimates that these sub inspector officers belongs to the scale of BS-14, Rs 15180 is their minimum pay and Rs 50280 is their maximum pay and salary. The increment amount which is assigned to these officers, it is Rs 1170. These are some nice contributions from the police departments and way outs to know the requirements for details way. Inspector Police Salary In Pakistan

Punjab Police Salary List 2023

We have more details for you on this Punjab Police Salary List 2023, we have told you about the figures that how much salary is given to the inspectors and sub inspectors working for the police department. The salary figures of ASI officers, they are also told to you. Same way, for this police department, we have SP post and SSP post, DSP post and these are senior scale officers. Those whoever is posted in the police department, they get a revision and increase in their salaries upon the arrival of new budget.

FIA Sub Inspector Salary 2023

The FIA Sub Inspector Salary 2023, it is also the same, the same pay is given to these FIA sub inspector officers and police inspector officers. Those who work for FIA and they are appointed on the post of sub inspector, their scale is BS-14 and their minimum salary and pay has come out to be Rs 15180. These officers maximum pay is Rs 50280 and final increment amount is Rs 1170. These figures are subject to change and a regular revision is made in these areas.

Police Sub Inspector Salary 2023

If we talk on the general level basis and factors, then the details on Police Sub Inspector Salary 2023, they are as follows, this police department has assigned the scale of BS-14 to these sub inspectors.Rs 15180 to Rs 50280 is their minimum and maximum salary figure and Rs 1170 is their increment amount.

Punjab Police Constable Salary 2023

This Punjab Police Constable Salary 2023, it is as mentioned for the readers. This post of constable, it is of scale BS-05 and their minimum salary is Rs. 10260 and the maximum salary of these police constable officers, it is Rs. 25260. The increment amount which is assigned to these officers, it is Rs 500. You should always keep this point in the consideration phase that these salaries and all of these increment figures, they are subject and shall pass through the phase of revision. After a year time gap, the salaries of all these grade scale officers, they get change, revised and increased,

Upon seeing any revision in Inspector police salary in Pakistan, we will let you know. So keep connected with us and more details on these police officers salaries will be put up on this page.

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