Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan 2018 PIA Salary Scale

Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan 2018 will be discussed in this blog. You will grab the info regarding the airline ticketing agent salary. This kind of information is not very commonly find because the trend of the people is not on this field only concerned are interested in this post. In this paragraph, we will discuss the duties here that are the description of the job of the airline ticketing agent. They work at the airport that is the main place. Playing so many important work like, checking the language of the passengers, selling and deal the tickets, shows the directions and the right way of the gates and the entering point to the plain to the passengers, checking out the process of the boarding pass which is very essential. It is not wrong to say that it is very tough job. On the commercial airline companies the airline ticketing agents earn very average salary on behalf of their job.

Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan 2018

Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan 2018

Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan average earning is 35,700 dollars per year 17.7 dollars for per hour. This amount is slightly high then the other employees that are working in the other transport companies especially from the bud transport attendant or employees earn far below than the airline ticketing agent. So we can say that the airline agent of ticketing paying a little better than the bus transport in the country of Pakistan.

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But surprisingly, the monthly and annual salary of the railway employees is quite higher than the airlines ticketing agent. Because the nature of their duty is totally different from the airline ticketing agent. There is huge difference between both jobs. The geographical factor also affects the salary of the airline employee. It is obvious the international companies pays very well to their employees and it is like done if the burden is harder than the payment is increased automatically. it is all about the Air Ticketing Salary In Pakistan 2018.

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