Court Stenographer Salary In Pakistan, BPS Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

If you have applied on this post then you should too have the information about Court stenographer salary in Pakistan, BPS Basic Pay Scale And Allowances.  This post of Court stenographer, it has the grade scale of BS-16. For this post and whoever is posted on this job title, their minimum basic salary has range of Rs. 18910 and their maximum basic pay has this range of Rs. 64510 and for these officers, their increment amount has been finalized to the range of Rs 1520.

We have shared with you 2017 figure with you. It is the responsibility of these officers that they have to keep the track of written records of all kinds of legal proceedings. You should also have the knowledge and all skills so that you can serve in this line of profession. This job line is also called as court reporter, it is too termed as closed captionist or with the name of webcaster, or with the job title of voice writer. More of the details on Court stenographer salary in Pakistan are here and mentioned below.

Now we will talk about Court stenographer BPS Basic Pay Scale And Allowances in Pakistan. If you will serve as Court stenographer in province of Punjab or in the province of Sindh, if you will serve on this job and you are in KPK or you are in Balochistan then you will get same salary range.

Court Stenographer Salary In Pakistan, BPS Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Pay Scale Of Senior Scale Stenographer

These Court stenographers get allowances and benefits all in the form of medical allowance, ad hoc allowances, these Court stenographers get paid leaves and too annual leaves. These professionals have to give realtime captioning for any kind of television broadcasts. These officers have to give their specialized services in all of the live situations. They give this realtime kind of reporting services for these Internet-based sort of events like that of corporate sales meetings and also for the press conferences.

You can keep in touch and more of the information regarding and with respect to the area of Court stenographer salary in Pakistan will be shared with you. It is on the yearly basis that salaries of these Court stenographers are being revised and their revised and updated figures will be told you in the coming days.

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