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EPI Vaccinator Salary In Sindh

We have details for you on EPI vaccinator salary in Sindh, Chart, Pay Scale. The EPI Sindh health department, they have this job position at their site and it is the post of a vaccinator. It is of grade scale BS-06. This is a junior grade job and its duty is to carry out and process all of the vaccination methods. These vaccination methods have to be performed by these professionals with the help of a minimal assistance. So the pay scale of this job position is notified to you. The salary of this position is finalized that whether you can work in the fast paced as well as high-volume kind of mass vaccination clinic. You should have the ability to assess and understand the clinical operation methods. You should have knowledge on the clinic operation protocols. These vaccinators should know how to build trust and too rapport with the children and parents.

EPI Vaccinator Salary In Sindh

We know that this EPI Sindh health department, they regularly announce the hiring call for this job position. Apart from the basic salary, you will get allowances and perks as notified and finalized by the Sindh health department. We can say that these professionals are actually the backbone of polio and EPI program.

epi vaccinator salary in sindh

EPI Vaccinator Chart

These individuals have to assure that whether adequate quantities and number of vaccines are available or not. They monitor the quantity as well as the expiry date of the medicines and vaccines. They make sure that the correct use and sterilization processes are applied while giving vaccines to the kids.

EPI Vaccinator Pay Scale

This is all data on EPI vaccinator salary in Sindh, Chart, Pay Scale. Exactly on the per year basis, the salary is increased for this vaccinator job position. They get bonuses and perks and on a yearly basis, they get increment too. On a roughly basis, these vaccinators get 10% to 15% increase in their basic pays and salaries. This is a tough job to do and quite a responsible one as well at the same time because these professionals are the one who complete and process the polio and API related programs.

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