Highest Paying Government Jobs In Pakistan

Highest Paying Government Jobs In Pakistan will be discussed in the blog and you will able to grab the info regarding the government highest jobs in Pakistan and the common people are not aware the aureate salary of the department and they don’t realize their importance of that department. The intentions behind to write this blog is to provide a view to have a knowledge of the certain department that pay you well in terms of their duties and responsibilities. Due to this blog, you will have the better view point to analyze the departments and their salaries    .

So here provide the five highest paid jobs in our country of Pakistan. The federal government of Pakistan has increased the salary and the privileges of these post employees. You will be amazed to know about these ranks and the increment is around the 50 to 300 percent more than a normal employee. Very privileged seats are doing their work in the supreme court of this country.

Highest Paying Government Jobs In Pakistan

President house, prime minister secretariat, the program of Benazir income, NAB, NHA national high way authorities, OGRA oil and gas regulatory authorities, NEPRA national energy power regulatory authority , TCP trading corporation of Pakistan, federal board of revenue . These are the highest paid post in the country and their further staff also getting the privileges from the government.

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Highest Paying Government Jobs In Pakistan

The highest paid employees belong to the judiciary including the justice of Supreme Court, high court, and the commission of justice in Pakistan. The federal shariat court and the academy that are getting the 300 percent high salary than the other staff of the secretariat of federal. The presidential secretariats are getting 115 percent high pay from the other employees. Motorway and IB getting 100 more salary than the other employees of the concerned department. Rather than the other department like education, health and care department are ignored badly and no budget for the betterment of these kind of department that enhance the credibility of the country ALSS.

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