House Rent Allowance Chart Notification 2018 For Punjab Government Employees

Here we have official information for you about house rent allowance chart Notification 2018 For Punjab government employees. Note that a recent one and a latest notification has been issued by this Punjab government sector and according to them, a significant and huge increase will be done in the house rent allowance amount of these Punjab government employees. So all the readers can check out the information from here. You can note down all of the stats from here. This decision is official taken by the department of finance of Pakistan and cabinet committee is also involved in the finalization of this decision. Concerned readers can note these important one stats that BS-01 scale officers, they will be getting Rs 4800 amount and these BS-02 officers will be handing over amount of Rs 4900. Then Rs 5050 is the house rent amount which shall be given to BS-03 scale officers. This Rs 5200 amount shall be be given to BS-04 scale officers. Then we have Rs 5400 revised cash amount and it shall be given and handed over to these BS-05 grade scale officers. Punjab government has finalized Rs 5600 amount as the house rent allowance  amount for their BS-06 officers.  Below you can go through more info on house rent allowance chart Notification 2018.

Just keep connected and we will share more recent stats about house rent allowance chart Notification For Punjab government employees. For these BS-07 officers, their house rent cash amount is rs 5800. For these BS-08 scale officer, their house rent allowance has now been revised as well and it has reached to rs 6000 amount.

If you are a Punjab government employee and you want to know that how much increase is done in this house rent allowance category then note that BS-09 officers will get Rs 6200 and Rs 6400 amount shall be given to BS-10 scale officers. These BS-11 officers shall get Rs 6600 amount and BS-12 grade scale officers shall be getting rs 7000.

House Rent Allowance Chart Notification 2018 For Punjab Government Employees

House Rent Allowance Chart 2017 Pakistan

For BS-13 grade officers, their house rent revised amount is Rs 7500, BS-14 scale officers will get Rs 8000 and BS-15 scale employees will get Rs 8500. Then for BS-16 scale, Rs 10000 is their finalize house rent amount. Punjab provincial government has finalized Rs 16000 for these BS-17 and then  Rs 20000 shall be handed over right to BS-18 grade officers. For these BS-19 officers, their revised house rent amount is Rs 31000. These BS-20 scale officers will get Rs 36000 and BS-21 officers will get Rs 40000, then BS-22 senior officers will get Rs 43000 as their house rent allowance revised amount.

This is all clear amount of information and details about house rent allowance chart Notification 2018. All Punjab government employees should note that if any update and further recent revision will take place in house rent allowance category, we will let you know.

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