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Latest Notification Of Balochistan Govt Regarding Pay Scale

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If you are looking for all exact and actual information about latest notification of Balochistan govt regarding pay scale then you are at the right page. Here we will be notifying to the readers this point that what revisions are done by this government of Balochistan. You can check out complete information from here. We know that when this official document of budget comes, then all provincial governments and federal government, they revise the salaries of their workforce. We will tell you regarding those revisions and all official changes on this page.

But you also have to keep in mind that these are not permanent changes and these salaries stats and figures are constantly getting changing. These salaries and fixed pays are revised on yearly basis. These changes are done by experts of federal government and provincial governments.

Now on this page, we will explain only those revisions which occur in this Balochistan government. So if you are working for this government and you want to get this update that how much basic salary of yours has been revised, then note that below we have highlighted details for you. Check out this valid and correct information and we will share the stats and all revisions which are done by other provincial governments.

According to these official revisions, this Balochistan government has decided that these BPS 05 officers will get Rs. 10260 minimum salary amount now and they will get Rs. 25260 maximum income amount. Likewise we have BPS 07 scale officers, they will get  Rs. 10990 minimum salary range and these officers will too get Rs. 29290 maximum salary figures. If you work for this Balochistan government and you are on the BPS 09 scale then your revised on income will be Rs. 11770 and Rs. 33670.

Latest Notification Of Balochistan Govt Regarding Pay Scale

These are minimum and maximum salary ranges. Let us suppose that you are on BPS 14 scale, then you have to keep this revision that your maximum salary will be Rs. 50280 amount. If you are on BPS-17 scale, your official basic income range will be Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370. For these BPS-19 scale officers, their revised pay has come out as Rs. 59210 – Rs. 120210. And if you are about to move on this BPS 20 scale then Rs. 69090 – Rs. 132230 will be your minimum as well as maximum salary ranges.

These are all details about latest notification of Balochistan govt regarding pay scale. Readers have to remain tuned and connected with us, so that they can too know that what revisions are done and what salary changes are made by Punjab government, Sindh government and KPK government. We will put up and attach all stats on this page. Do no go anywhere because more salary and increment revisions and latest updates are still to come.

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