Levies Force Salary 2022 In Pakistan FATA KPK And Ranks

Facts on Levies force salary 2022 In Pakistan are shared over here. This Levies force belongs to the province of Balochistan, it is a paramilitary force line which is serving in this province of Pakistan. You can call it a law enforcement agency which only duty and job is to maintain the law and order situation in this province. These Levies force officers are really paid higher salaries, there is no comparison in the category of their salaries and bonuses, allowances. As it works as a law enforcement agency, that is why all of the officers and soldiers attached to this force line are paid higher, they get sufficient number of allowances and bonuses. The exact amount and figure of their basic pays are not disclosed by their sector, but the figures are comparatively higher. Just this information is disclosed that these Levies force officers are given travel, medical and accommodation allowance.

Levies Force Salary 2022

This Levies force has its jurisdiction and offices in almost all of the districts of this province of Balochistan. If we talk about the origin of this force line then we have seen that it dates back to the time of British Raj phase, it is now since the century that this force is working in this subjected province.

Levies Force Ranks

It is by the director general who usually head this force and moreover, this force sector is constituted right by the local level security personnel. We have these Pashtun officers as well as Baloch officers working over here. It was during the phase of Pervaiz Musharraf government that this Balochistan Levies force had been merged with the provincial level police force line, but this decision and merge was restored in the year 2010.

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Levies Force Salary

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For more facts on this Balochistan Levies Force Salary 2022 In Pakistan, you can stay tuned over here. If we will get the official notification letter linked to their pay figures, we will let you know. Right now, readers can have this rough idea that many and suitable number of allowances are given and provided to these Levies force officers. Their exact salary and pay stats are coming up.


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