Pakistan Army Salary For Officers 2023 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Pakistan army comes into being on the time of distribution of the Pakistan and india. From that time Pakistan army serve the people and save them from the external threatens. Pakistan army is very efficient and devoted to their jobs and duties and give very precious solders in the serving of the country Pakistani army is strong enough the enemies of Pakistan have to think about so many time before harm to Pakistan.

Pakistani army serves not in the country but serve needy countries. Pakistani army is strong and has the professional skills and giving very tough fight to the enemy of Pakistan. So get the Pakistan Army Salary For Officers from this page

Pakistan army fought 4 wars with their neighbors and Pakistan army completely destroys the cruel intentions of the enemies with courage and bravery. This only happens because of their firm and strong believes on their soldiers and having true faith on the GOD that strengthen the power and giving the courage to fight with the disturbing factors working in or out of country. Pakistan army has a great structure of officials and perfect system of management.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


Pakistan army has certain ranks of officers like, Field marshal with 5 stars, general chief of army staff with 4 stars, Lieutenant- General with 3 stars, Major General with 2 stars, Brigadier with 1 star, Colonel, Lieutenant- Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, second Lieutenant. Field marshal and General both are highly ranked and their BPS is Apex.

Pakistan Army Salary For Officers 2023 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Basic pay scale for the Lieutenant- General is 22 and minimum pay of this rank is 55 thousand 755 and maximum pay would be 111,195 and may be more than this because of allowances. Major General basic pay scale is 21 and minimum pay of this rank is 51,885 maximum pay would be 99,135. Brigadier basic pay scale is 20 and pay would be 46,705 minimum and maximum 89,405 approximately.

Armed Forces Pay Scale 2017 In Chart

Colonel basic pay scale is 19 and minimum pay 40, 155 and expected maximum pay 81,655. Major basic pay scale is 18 and minimum pay would be 25,940 and maximum 64,940 intended. Captain basic pay scale 17 and salary minimally 12,910 and max would be 51,780 expected. Lieutenant and second Lieutenant are on the same 17 scale in Pakistan army.

Revised Pay Scale 2023 Pak Army, Scale With Ranks from this post  you will about to have the info regarding the  Revised Pay Scale 2023 Pak Army. in the muslim entire world Pakistan has the sixth standing armed forces which is the great achievement for the country of Pakistan because after the independence, the condition was very difficult but beside this Pakistan have achieved this target because Pakistan had to survive within the enemies and had to established as a country in the world global map.

The people of the country admired own armed forces because the army of the Pakistan having the power to protect them from the cruel intention of the enemies and able to serve them when they need the forces in all kind of the circumstances like killing and rote out the terrorism from the country of Pakistan.

Revised Pay Scale 2023 Pak Army

In terms of their services the government of the Pakistan has to pay them in the form of monthly salary and with the passage of every year certain amount of money increased in the salary.

Revised Pay Scale 2023 Pak Army has enhanced the monthly amount 10 % adhoc relief allowances also according to the scales. for the rant 1 salary is 10,610 at the min rate 330 increment and at the max rate 20,510 and 30 stages are left behind.

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for the 2 scale 11, 930 min 580 increment 9,330 max. 03 scale 12,330 min, 645 increase 31,680 at the max. 04 scale 12,750, 700 increase, 33,750 at the max, cadet salary 35,290 including all allowances. 2nd lieu 38,140 at the min 2,660 increase, 40,800 max. lieut 40,800 min with 2,660 and 48, 780 max. capt 16 scale 46,080, 2660 increase, 88640 max salary. major with 15 scale 62,125 min 3,320 increment and 111,925. brigadier 14 stages left 80, 755 with 5,260 and max 154, 395. maj gen 86, 660 with 5,850 and 171,560 max. LT GEN 96, 220, with 6,855 incre and max 192, 190 explained Revised Pay Scale 2023 Pak Army.

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