Pension Calculator AG KPK 2018 Formula

Here you will know about the proper method about this pension calculator ag KPK 2018 Formula. If you are serving in the government sector belonging to the provincial zone of KPK then note that below is the method which you should be following. With the help of this pension calculator, you can all go easily calculate this pension amount of yours. Suppose if you want to pre assume this fact that how much pension you will get upon the issuance of budget 2018 then you can use this pension calculator to know about your pension figures. First you should mention the type of pension which you will be getting, whether your pension type will be superannuation, whether it will be retiring pension type or whether it will be death during service pension or mark the option that whether you will be getting death after retirement pension. More steps about this pension calculator ag KPK 2018 are mentioned below.

Then you will be mentioning the details like date of birth, date of appointment and date of retirement, you need to enter and mention your complete name. Then you have to mention your basic pay scale and enter the figures of your last one basic pay. This basic pay should be entered without mentioning the amount of allowances. Then enter the figures of your special pay, personal pay, qualification pay, overseas pay, senior post allowance pay. If you are getting any of the pensionable allowance then you need to add these figures too.

Pension Calculator AG KPK 2018 Formula

Pension rules In Pakistan

Then individuals have to mark and tick this option too that whether they belong to KPK government or whether they are working in the federal sector. When you will enter this information correctly then you can calculate and get to know about your future pension figures. This calculator is easy to use. You just have to enter and fill out all of these requirements. Do not leave any of the requirement blank. From the date of your joining till the date of your retirement, these dates and year spans should be entered and mentioned correctly. This pension calculator ag KPK Formula will then tell you about your gross pension.

This is how the procedure of pension calculator ag KPK 2018 goes on and on. If you are about to get retired and you want to calculate and also pre assume the pension figures and stats of yours, then you can use this pension calculator. If you face any issue while using this calculator and following this method, then all users can contact. We will guide you that how can you use this calculator properly. First collect all of these information and stats which are required to be filled in this calculator. If you will enter any invalid details then this calculator will not show result of your pension amount.

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