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PIA Pilot Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Allowances

Do you want to have information and few of the productive details on this topic of PIA Pilot Salary Pakistan and explanation of their Basic Pay Scale Allowances. Here on this page, we will only talk about Pakistan international air line. We will only talk about this post of Pilot. For the information, in any of the air line company, there are main categories of pilots, we have line pilots and we have also commercial pilots.

Some pilots are hired for the cargo and shipping purpose, some pilots are appointed for the purpose and task of passenger carrying tasks. Though their job function is different but these pilots get same salary and same increments. Note that official and actual salary figures of PIA Pilots have not came yet. This page will tell you about these PIA Pilots job functions:

Job duties and work job functions performed by PIA Pilots

You can call them as air line pilots, you can even call them as commercial pilots. Checking of the condition and situation of the aircrafts. This is the main one of their duty line. They should keep a very much closer eye that their air craft should remain in 100% balanced form. They should inspect that their air craft should not be exceeding its weight.

PIA Pilot Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale Allowances

If the weight and balance of air craft will be much more or will be much less then it will for sure face some of the emergency situations. So to keep up the balance of air crafts, to keep up and to retain their weights, these PIA Pilots are hired for this task. They should be in touch and also in contact with their air traffic control.

PIA Captain

PIA Manager Salary Basic Pay Scale Allowances

They should be planning out their flights quite carefully. They should know how to do careful Takeoffs and also how to do careful amount and range of landings. They should have 100% and much closer coordination right between other pilot and copilot, and also right between their flight engineers.

They will be issued with firearms so that they can protect and too save their cockpit. If you are one of the air line pilots then you will have this duty to transport passengers and you will be made to transfer and transport cargo. If you are one of the commercial pilots then you have to carry out these unscheduled kind of flight activities like that of aerial application.

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