PIA Staff Salary Basic Pay Scale Benefits Allowances

Here at this page, we will focus our attention and we will be giving our readers some amount if information related to this important topic of PIA Staff Salary Basic Pay Scale and their Benefits Allowances. This PIA Staff, it is quite huge in size. Whether one is working right as an engineer or as sub engineer, if one is working as an air hostess or as flight attendant, all of these job categories come under the mark of PIA Staff department.

Here at this page, we will give you few of the job descriptions of PIA Staff department. Talking about these Airline pilots, they have to perform all kinds of checklists along with the help of their copilots. They have to do the monitoring of their air plane and air craft engines, they have to check their and inspect their hydraulic systems and also electrical systems.

This PIA Staff that comprise of pilots and co pilots, they have to check all of the fuel levels. They should observe the weather types and conditions. This PIA Staff of pilots and co pilots, they are important and much vital for their sir line company.

What allowances are enjoyed and received by PIA Staff officers?

While giving you the rough sort of idea about the allowances and incentives enjoyed by PIA Staff, they get special pays and medical facility, all concession on their air fare tickets. It depends on your grade and job post that how much air ticket concession you will be getting.

PIA Staff Salary Basic Pay Scale Benefits Allowances

If you are on junior post then you will be getting less concession and if you are on higher post then more of the concession and higher concession will be given to you on your air tickets.

Other general duties performed by PIA Staff officers

If we talk about these Flight attendants then they give briefings, they check that food and drinks should be in fully and wholly in stocked form. They have to demonstrate in a practical way regarding various and large number of these safety features right to their passengers. If we talk about these Airline cargo agents, then we can also call them with this name of baggage handlers.

PIA Crew Salary

PIA Employees Salary Increase 2017 Basic Pay Scale Allowances

They are the one of PIA Staff  who stack the passengers luggage right on carts. Lastly we have these Ticket agents and they are the one PIA Staff  who take reservations right from vacationers. They also answer questions related to rates, they complete processes related to carry-on fees, they also book flights and they too collect payments.

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