Saylani Welfare Job Salary Package In Pakistan

Saylani Welfare Job Salary Package In Pakistan is renowned for its commitment to social welfare and humanitarian initiatives in Pakistan. As an organization dedicated to making a positive impact, Saylani Welfare also values its employees and provides competitive salary packages. In this article, we will delve into the salary structure at Saylani Welfare International Trust and shed light on the various job titles and their corresponding salary averages.

The Saylani Welfare International Trust recognizes that its employees are vital to its mission of creating a better society. To ensure their well-being and satisfaction, the organization offers salaries that reflect their dedication and hard work. According to recent data, the average monthly salary at Saylani Welfare International Trust stands at PKR 81,035. This figure signifies the commitment of the organization to provide competitive compensation to its employees.

Salaries at Saylani Welfare Job Salary Package In Pakistan: Providing for a Better Tomorrow

Diverse Job Titles and Salary Ranges


Saylani Welfare International Trust employs individuals across various job titles, each contributing uniquely to the organization’s success. Let’s take a look at a few of these job titles and their corresponding average monthly salaries:

  1. Accountant:

    • Monthly Average Salary: PKR 20,000
    • The role of an accountant is crucial in maintaining financial stability and transparency within the organization.
  2. Administrative Assistant:

    • Monthly Average Salary: PKR 24,000
    • Administrative assistants play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations and efficient communication.
  3. Head of Department:

    • Monthly Average Salary: PKR 98,620
    • The head of department shoulders significant responsibilities, guiding teams towards achieving the organization’s goals.
  4. Network and Database Administration:

    • Monthly Average Salary: PKR 181,520
    • In the digital age, network and database administrators are essential for maintaining seamless information flow.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Saylani Welfare International Trust emphasizes transparency not only in its humanitarian efforts but also in its employment practices. By providing detailed insights into salary structures, the organization fosters trust among its employees and the community it serves.

In conclusion, Saylani Welfare International Trust stands as a beacon of hope in Pakistan’s philanthropic landscape. Through competitive salary packages and a commitment to employee well-being, the organization showcases its dedication to making a positive impact at every level. As they continue to uplift society, Saylani Welfare International Trust demonstrates that positive change begins with valuing those who contribute to it.

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