SDO Irrigation Department Salary In Punjab Pakistan

Here is the information regarding and completely related to SDO irrigation department salary in Punjab Pakistan, Pay Scale, Allowances, Benefits.  In this irrigation department of Pakistan, there are many and uncountable jobs. First we will talk about this post of senior research officer or this post is also known with the name of deputy director. This post has this grade scale of BS-18 and minimum basic salary of this post is Rs. 38350. All  senior research officers who are BS-18 grade scale, their maximum basic pay is Rs. 95750 and their yearly increment is of amount Rs 2870.

Then we have post of junior research officer. This post of junior research officer has pay scale of BS-17 and its minimum basic salary is of amount Rs. 30370. These junior research officers get maximum basic pay of amount Rs. 76370. Yearly increment value is of Rs 2300. This irrigation department of Pakistan also hire assistant executive engineers. They are also called sub divisional officers or assistant design engineers. These engineers pay scale is BPS-17 and their minimum basic income has the amount of Rs. 30370. These engineers receive their maximum basic having the amount of Rs. 76370. Yearly increment is of range of Rs 2300. More details about SDO irrigation department salary in Punjab Pakistan is mentioned below.

As SDO irrigation department pay scale in Punjab Pakistan has been discussed above. This SDO irrigation department allowances in Punjab Pakistan vary in their numbers. They offer and award house rent, ad hoc allowance, fuel allowance to their employees. Revision in SDO irrigation department benefits in Punjab Pakistan is done on a regular basis whenever revision in their basic salaries is being carried out.

SDO Irrigation Department Salary!

These senior research officers, junior research officers and assistant executive engineers almost carry out same level of job duties and tasks. These research officers of irrigation department do research on new irrigation products. They create these virtual models and manufacture different irrigation equipments. They evaluate irrigation devices and equipments and ensure their safe use. These researching officers should have commendable skills. They should be able to do detailed research professional.

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These irrigation department researching officers should stay updated enough regarding new irrigation developments. This is the updated info about SDO irrigation department salary in Punjab Pakistan. If this irrigation department of Punjab province will make a change in their employee salary, we will let you know.

Even if it is the irrigation department of Sindh or Balochistan province, their employees get and receive same salary likewise employees of Punjab province irrigation department receive. These salary figures and income amount are subject to more revision. Stay tuned and more official news on irrigation department employee salaries will be shared with you.

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  1. I want to become sdo in irrigation department. Can I apply after assciate degree because it is bachleor and what subjects are choose for it


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