SPS 4 Salary In Pakistan 2023 Special Pay Scale, Benefits

Do you want to have all of the details linked and related to the category of SPS 4 salary in Pakistan 2023 Special Pay scale, Benefits? Here from this page, readers will catch up the information that how much income is given right to these SPS 4 officers, the details of their incentives, complete information about their perks, details of their maximum and minimum salary. Right is the source in front of you that will give you the salary information of these special scale officers.

Note that we are going to mention all latest figures and all latest stat of this SPS 4 official post category. So these officers who are on SPS 4 rank, their minimum and initial one salary range is of Rs 21100. This is the minimum range which is given to these officers. As these are the latest stats and salaries of these SPS 4 officers and it will be increased in the coming up months. Then these officers maximum range of their basic salary is Rs 60100. Rs 1300 is their increment amount. Now you can get this idea that these special scale officers salary and income range is in between Rs 21100- Rs 60100 range.  Below is the more information on SPS 4 salary in Pakistan 2023.

We have given the enough stat regarding the specific category of SPS 4 Special Pay scale in Pakistan 2023 and then moving on the explanation of SPS 4 benefits in Pakistan 2023, these special scale officers are usually given ad hoc allowance. In this allowance and perk category, they are given cash amount to pay their utilities and bills and also their house rent.

SPS 4 Salary In Pakistan 2023 Special Pay Scale, Benefits

As it is a government grade scale category, that is why huge number of perks and incentives are given to special scale officers. It is the policy followed by the provincial governments and federal governments of Pakistan that whenever they are going to revise the basic salaries of their SPS 4 officers, then they also make same revision and some changes in their perk categories list according to SPS 4 Salary In Pakistan 2023 Special Pay Scale, Benefits

rent 30%allowance 10%allow 5 %Inc. 10 %without allowances
1Executive DirectorMP-I195000surrendered9750Official204750
2Director GeneralOG-I900002700090004500130500900015225000
4Additional DirectorOG-III620001680062003100881006200151,55,000
5Research AssociateOG-III620001680062003100881006200151,55,000
6Chief Internal AuditorOG-III620001680062003100881006200151,55,000
8Deputy DirectorOG-IV500001500050002500722505000151,25,000
9Senior ProgramOG-IV500001500050002500722505000151,25,000
Coordination Officer
10Senior ResearchOG-IV500001500050002500722505000151,25,000
11IT AdministratorOG-IV500001500050002500722505000151,25,000
12Private Secretary toOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
the Executive Director
13Program CoordinationOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
14Research OfficerOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
15Legislative OfficerOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
16IT OfficerOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
17Account OfficerOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
18Admin OfficerOG-V40000120004000200058000400015100000
19Assistant LibrarianSG-I300009000300015004350030001575000
20Liaison OfficerSG-I300009000300015004350030001575000
21Computer OperatorSG-I300009000300015004350030001575000
24Library AssistantSG-II2400072002400120034800240015600,00
25Steno typistSG-III18000540018009002610018001545000
28Telephone OperatorSG-V16000480016008002320016001540000
31Dispatch RiderSG-VII14500435014507252102514501536250
32Office AttendantSG-VIII10000300010005001450010001525000

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SPS 4 Salary In Pakistan 2023 Benefits

For more information on SPS 4 salary in Pakistan 2023 benefits, you can keep connected and do remain in touch with us. This is all latest detail and salary update of SPS 4 officers. When after few months, the budget 2023 will be revealed then the salaries as well as perk list of these special scale officers will be increased and changed. It usually happen that the federal government make 5% change or it can be 10% increase in the salaries of these employees according to SPS 4 Salary In Pakistan 2023 Special Pay Scale, Benefits. Readers can remain connected with us and more info on the category of special pay scale official posts will be given to you. Updated info is always posted over here.

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