KPK Police Salary Increase Notification

KPK is the province that is ignored for the long time in the past KPK Police Salary Increase Notification 2023 Basic Pay Scale. There was no appropriate system for the education, judicial, and any other development for the betterment of the people of the kpk. But now recent elected government in kpk is doing very well in all fields of life. They are trying to give balanced life to provide them good resources in the province the government of kpk is now competing with the government of Punjab trying to provide all those resources that are not available before like making of the new roads, correct the system of education from the grass root level provide them a good staff of education and correct the entire system of the educational department in throughout province. to get the idea about the KPK Police Salary Increase Notification here to view about the perfect ways.

Kpk province was considered a very backward area that becomes the cause of terrorism because they had no proper system to control the terrorism.

Revised Pay Scale 2023


The terrorism attacked on the school for taking revenge and they killed innocent chidren that hit the government and realized that if the police department is not strong it is not possible to control the terrorism in our country on that basis government of kpk concentrate on the department of the police. Police salaries and the allowances are very low than the other province.

KPK Police Salary Increase Notification 2023 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances For KPK

The government of kpk appoints daring and strong officers that are educated too and know how to better the department of the police. After bringing developments in the police department terrorism is controlled and people feels secure.

The battle against the terrorism is going on and police is fighting against the terrorist and gives scarifies of their lives in the line of their duty. Despite of all achievement and all scarifies salary and allowances are not enough for the employees of police department as per KPK Police Salary Increase Notification 2023.

IGP has taken this issue with the government for the up grading the scales and allowances of constables. This issue is considered by the government of kpk and taking action on it and the C.M of the kpk has announced that scales are upgraded BPS 05 to 07. HC from 07 to 9 ASI from 09 to 11. And shaheed packages are also enhanced from 3 million to 10 million and allowances are also increased on the basis of scales for KPK Police Salary Increase Notification 2023.

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