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Pakistan Merchant Navy Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

If you are one of the aspirants of this Pakistan merchant navy job post then here we can give you the complete information about this Pakistan Merchant Navy Salary and also information of their Pay Scale Rank Allowances. This Pakistan Merchant Navy job post is a junior grade officer post. Officers on this post, they are on less commanding position. They directly report to their senior most teams. The training scheme of these Pakistan Merchant Navy  follows a certain procedure and a kind of timeline.

In twice a year, the recruitment and hiring of these officers is being carried on. In the first week and duration of May month and then in the first week and phase of November month. In these two months, you can apply for this job post which is linked with Pakistan Merchant Navy. In a single year, normally and usually 2 batches are passed. All of these merchant officers, they have to pass through with this boot camp training and it is their initial phase of training. They also need to complete with their sessions of Technical training.

Promotion and career prospects for Pakistan Merchant Navy officers:
• Leading officer promotion
• Petty officer promotion
• Chief Petty officer promotion
• Fleet Chief Petty officer promotion
• Master Chief Petty officer promotion

Allowances given to Pakistan Merchant Navy officers

Pakistan Merchant Navy Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

Pak Navy Salary

  • These Pakistan Merchant Navy officers can complete with their Diploma in the field of Engineering
  • These officers will get free Messing
  • Free accommodation
  • Free uniform
  • Free Medical treatment
  • Free medical treatment for their family and also for their parents right after marriage
  • These officers will get many golden opportunities related to their visits of going abroad.
  • Apart from their normal pay, these Pakistan Merchant Navy officers will be getting 40% extra and additional pay and also rations.
  • They will have this Subsidized education for their children and their kids will be enrolled in English Medium Schools. For their higher learning, they will be made to admit in Professional Institutions
  • These Pakistan Merchant Navy officers will have 50% Concession on all of their traveling if it will be made air or railyway.

Merchant Navy Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale Allowances

  • These officers will get two months leave, these Pakistan Merchant Navy officers will have one free of cost train voucher in a year.

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