Pakistan Navy Captain Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

The rank of Captain is quite high in Pakistan Navy. in the similar way, this rank enjoys and get many of the perks and allowances. In all of the ranks of Pakistan Navy, the increment process is carried out on the yearly basis and not more than 35% of increment is done on their basic salaries. It means on the yearly basis, 35% of your basic salary gets increased. Here you will get the information that what allowances are received by this post of Captain. What is their salary and other information. so it is defined as per Pakistan Navy Captain Salary

On what basis, Pakistan Navy Captain gets the promotion?

The post of captain, they can promoted  to the higher level and on the higher pay scale depending on their length of service. If you are a lieutenant then you can be promoted to the post of Captain if you have served for 5 years. If you are on the Major post then you can get appointed on the post of Colonel if you have served for 12 years. If you are on the Colonel post then you can be on the Brigadier pay scale if you have served for 17 years.

Pakistan Navy Captain Salary Pay Scale Rank Allowances

Allowances of Pakistan Navy Captain

  • They get special education allowance and it is Rs 75 per month. They get Chitral allowance and Rs 125 per month. For the information, this allowance is given to those officers who are appointed in the Chitral region. They receive Hill allowance. If any Captain is shifted to the hill areas then he will get the Hill allowance apart from this basic salary.
  • This post of Captain, they get house rent as well. This house rent normally falls in between the percentages of 45% and 35%.

Pak Navy Salary

Pakistan Navy Starting Salary

  • Captain post is also entitled with certain medals and honors. If they get the honor of Nishane Haider then they will get Rs 400,000 from the government. The honor of Hilale Jurrat give them Rs 200,000. The honor and medal of Sitare Jurrat make then entitle to the price of Rs 160,000. If they get Tamghae Jurrat then they receive Rs 60,000 from the government.

This is all of the information about this Pakistan Navy Captain and their salary and also details of their Pay Scale Rank and allowances. This post of captain is too entitled with the other allowances like outfit allowance, conservancy allowance and entertainment allowance. Mess and diving allowance.

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