Punjab Agriculture Department Salary In Pakistan

Here the readers can receive the information on the section of Punjab Agriculture Department Salary In Pakistan. In this department, we commonly see the post of stenographer BS-15 and you can note down the official stat of their monthly salary which is Rs 28575. We have computer operator BS-15 and their per month pay is Rs 28575. Then comes the post of a supervisor BS-11 and we have Rs 23269 as their monthly salary figure. Moving to the post of driver BS-04, this Punjab Agriculture Department gives Rs 18180 to them as their per month pay.

Keep in touch as more of the info on Punjab Agriculture Department Salary In Pakistan is coming up. This post of naib qasid BS-01, their per month income is about Rs 17011. And we have security guard BS-01 post who get per month income of amount of Rs 17011. This department also hire khakroub BS-01 and their average basic salary is Rs 17011. As moving to high job positions, we have chief executive MP-I and Rs 263000 to Rs 324000 is the average salary which is given to this post. Rs 101000 to Rs 142000 is their assigned house rent allowance.

Punjab Agriculture Department Salary In Pakistan

And Rs 13100 to Rs 16200 is their official and current utility perk. These Punjab Agricultural Research Board Salaries are subject to revision always. In this department, we see position of executive member planning and programming MP-II and Rs 110000 – Rs 176000 is their average pay.

Punjab Agriculture Department Salary In Pakistan

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We have executive member monitoring and evaluation MP-II post and its gets Rs 110000 to Rs 176000 average salary on monthly terms. If the individual is working as executive member coordination MP-II then his monthly salary will be Rs 110000 to Rs 176000. Same way, we have the director administration and finance post and the scale given to them is BS-18/19. Apart from their basic salary, this post will get monthly Rs 40000.

Punjab Agricultural Research Board Salary In Pakistan

Now it is important to stay in touch with the page because research associate salary in pakistan defined. The 60,000 PKR is the handsome salary for this job titled under the plant feeding and breading. The second job recently announced by the Punjab Agricultural Research Board Salary In Pakistan. Further 7 percent annual increment announced for the job as well.

The second job also for those with highest numbers in the same genetics field. The importance of this field shall increase after hearing the salaries in this department. 40,000 PKR is another good approach to facilitates those students with these degrees.

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