KPK Police Constable Salary Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

From this page, you will know about basic salary information for this post of KPK Police Constable. Here we will be focusing our search on this KPK province. This post of Police Constable, in province of KPK, its basic pay scale is BPS-05. It is the job post of junior level grade. For the information, the province of Punjab, it comprise of large number of policemen faculty. Then number of police officers are second higher in the province of Sindh. On the third number, we have province of KPK. As this post of Police Constable, its BPS is 05, so let us have a look at its current basic salary and minimum and maximum salary range of figures of 2017. so have immediate idea for KPK Police Constable Salary

KPK Police Constable Salary 2017

Minimum salary 2017: Rs 10260

Maximum salary 2017: Rs 25260

Increment 2017: Rs 500

KPK Police Constable allowances

This post of Police Constable, in the province of KPK, these Police Constable officers, they get house rent and special pay allowance for theirselves. At times, they have to carry their night duty out of stations. For special stations and special places, they get special rates on their daily allowances. If these constable officers complete their night duty at the ordinary stations and at some ordinary places then they get ordinary rates on their daily allowances. These 05 grade officers, they are not allowed and they are not permitted to stay in 5 star hotels. Instead they can stay in rest or guest houses as prescribed and mentioned by their concerned KPK police department.

KPK Police Constable Salary Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

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KPK Police Constable Job description:

Talking about this job description and job detailing of these Police Constable officers, these officers have to maintain the situation and position of law and order in their locality. They have these duties related to the prevention and also control of crimes. Other duties which are on their shoulders are these detection of crimes. They will be sorting out the legal matters. They will carry out operations linked with the police station management He will be completing various in number of administrative procedures. He will be maintaining these legal books, he will be maintaining the report registers and also these manuals right according to the procedural laws. So these are main duties which are performed by these KPK Police Constable officers. We have mentioned their 2017 current basic salary and basic income as well.

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