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Latest Notification Of Sindh Govt Regarding Pay Scale

Details about latest notification of Sindh govt regarding pay scale are here. You should be noting that this Sindh government has made certain revisions in their employees salaries area. If you want to grab that instant information and all instant updates then you have to check these below written details. All grade scale official posts salaries are increased now and this is a great one satisfactory news for all of these government level employees. Their minimum basic salaries are revised now and also their maximum range of basic salaries are revised and updated too.

Note that increment amounts have been revised and increased up to a certain range and extent as well. These notifications are issued by this Sindh government and all those employees,who belong to this provincial government zone, they can note these details. It is on yearly basis that this Sindh government and rest of the provincial departments of government make these revisions. We will tell you about the revisions in detail.

So according to this latest and revised notification, this Sindh government has issued this revision that these BPS 05 officers will be getting the minimum salary amount of range and extent of Rs. 10260 amount and their maximum salary amount has been reached and to the extent of Rs. 25260 amount. Then these BPS 07 scale officers, note that their minimum salaries and basic income range has been reached to figure extent of Rs. 10990 amount and their maximum pay has reached up to the level Rs. 29290.

Latest Notification Of Sindh Govt Regarding Pay Scale

For these BPS 09 officers, range of their minimum basic salary is Rs. 11770 and range of their maximum basic income is now Rs. 33670. Then these BPS 14 scale officers, their range and extent of minimum salary is Rs. 15180 and range of their maximum basic salary has come out to be Rs. 50280 amount.

Then these BPS-17 Pay Scale employees, they are getting Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370 as their basic salary now. These BPS-19 Pay Scale officers, they are getting Rs. 59210 minimum income amount, Rs. 120210 is now their maximum salary pay. Coming to BPS 20 officers, their minimum basic pay is now Rs. 69090 and on the current basis, their maximum pay has come out as and up to the amount of Rs. 132230.

If you want to constantly receive the information regarding the area of latest notification of Sindh govt regarding pay scale then do stay tuned with us. So to all Sindh government employees, we are sure they have understood all these revisions. If more revisions will be finalized by this Sindh government, we will update you. You just need to know about your grade scale and then with the help of this post details, you can know the figures and latest stats of your salary and basic come. Stay tuned with us and more comprehensive updated information is coming soon.

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  1. I’m Nurse in KMC Health Department i wants my pay slips every month and i needs to know about revise salary 2022.

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